Volume 12 (1969-1970)


1 (June), 2 (October), 3 (February)

Ura, T.;
Isomorphism and Local Characterization of Local Dynamical Systems
pp. 99--122.
Suzuki, K.;
The First Boundary Value and Eigenvalue Problems for Degenerate Elliptic Equations (II)
pp. 123--147.
Ako, K.;
On Some Obvious Theorems in Functional Analysis
pp. 149--153.
Hsieh, P. -F.;
Regular Perturbation for a Turning Point Problem
pp. 155--179.
Ahmad, S.;
On Ura's Axioms and Local Dynamical Systems
pp. 181--191.
Saito, T.;
On a Compact Invariant Set Isolated from Minimal Sets
pp. 193--203.

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