Volume 12 (1969-1970)


1 (June), 2 (October), 3 (February)

Ako, K.;
On the Dirichlet Problem for Second Order Elliptic Differential Equations
pp. 205--220.
Ako, K.;
Some Remarks on the Preceding Paper
pp. 221--225.
Suzuki, K.;
The Eigenvalue Problem in Unbounded Domains
pp. 227--232.
Kato, J. and Yoshizawa, T.;
A Relationship between Uniformly Asymptotic Stability and Total Stability
pp. 233--238.
Ako, K.;
Subfunctions for Ordinary Differential Equations V
pp. 239--249.
Iwano, M.;
Determination of Stable Domains for Bounded Solutions of Simplified Equations
pp. 251--268.
Kimura, T.;
On Riemann's Equations which are Solvable by Quadratures
pp. 269--281.
Aizawa, S.;
A Mixed Initial and Boundary-Value Problem for the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation in Several Space Variables II
pp. 283--296.

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