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Risa/Asir is an open source general computer algebra system. Kobe distribution is being developed by OpenXM committers. The original Risa/Asir is developed at Fujitsu Labs LTD. See here as to the copyright and the liscence agreement.


  1. Asir Manual in html including installation instructions.
  2. Asir Manual (pdf).
  3. Asir-Contrib Manual, other related documents

An introduction by screenshots

Using asir from TeXmacs, Asir on Windows, cfep/asir on MacOS X


  1. Download asir binary for Windows by HTTP
  2. Download asir binary for Windows by ftp
  3. Please visit OpenXM home to get debian packages.
  4. Download the asir source code with the full set of OpenXM servers
  5. Download for Mac OS X
  6. Download asir binary for Windows (64bit), add-ons by HTTP

A quick guide for installation

  1. Windows binary version: Execute the self-extracting archive asirwin-en.exe to extract the folder asir. You can put the folder at any place except folders which use non-ascii characters as their path names, e.g., the desktop in Japanese version. You can start asirgui by double clicking asir\bin\asirgui
  2. Windows binary distribution of the tar+gz format. (only for old versions).
  3. Note for Windows Me users.
  4. Unix source distribution: follow the document in the tar.gz archive or in the manual.

CVS Repositry of Risa/Asir (for developpers).

cvsweb (Risa/Asir is put under OpenXM_contrib2)


  1. 2011 , This page in 2011.
  2. Unix virtual machine in which asir 201008* (unix version) is installed. The virtual machine runs on the VMware player (windows) and the VMware fusion (Mac)
  3. 2008
  4. 2006
  5. OpenXM 1.2.2 (2005)

References and links

  1. Documents
  2. Algorithms for Computer Algebra Systems, by M.Noro (PDF, in Japanese)
  3. Risa/Asir Drill Book (English version), by M.Noro and N.Takayama PDF . This is a partial translation of the Japanese version, which is obtainable from the Japanese page. Programs in the drill book .


asir2005@math.Xkobe-u.Xac.Xjp (please replace ".X" by ".")

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