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Small VM/KM

The KnoppixMath project provides a big virtual machine which contains a lot of mathematical software systems (VMware/Knoppix/Math 2010). However, some of us do not need a big virtual machine. For example, if we want to run only one mathematical software, which is hard to install in the host operating system, our small virtual machine will provide a good solution to run the mathematical software. The Small VM/KM project provides a minimal virtual machine, which works on the VMware player for Windows and VMware fusion (>=3.0) for MacOS X.

Here is an introduction to use this virtual machine.

The root password of these small VM/KM's is math. The default user is math and the password is also math.

Zip files of our small VM/KM's (virtual machines)

Q and A

lenny-ox (One of the small VM's)

The virtual machine lenny-ox contains the Risa/Asir as a sample application. The Risa/Asir is a computer algebra system. Here is an introduction to use the Risa/Asir. By the command helph(); we can read the manual of Risa/Asir.

Note on the license of this virtual machine: Risa/Asir can be freely redistributed except for commercial purposes (Risa/Asir is "non-free"). If you want a "free" virtual machine in the sense of Debian, please remove the package openxm by

   dpkg --purge openxm-gnome-desktop
   dpkg --purge openxm-skel
   dpkg --purge openxm

etch-ox (One of the small VM's)

The virtual machine etch-ox is based on the debain etch distribution, which is older than the debian lenny. The CMClab (constant mean curvature) and TrIm (Tropical implitization) are installed on this virtual machine. They could not be installed in the latest KnoppixMath 2010, which is based on the distributions lenny or sid. Note that the security updates are not provided. Please use it only for executing mathematical software systems installed.

In order to start the CMClab, type in

   cmclab &
in a terminal. In order to view surfeces, open the file browser by the file/read menu, double click a folder name in the browser, and select a file and click "go".

In order to try TrIm, type in

    cd ~/tropical10/soft/TrIm
    ./TrIm.prl < afo

Advanced topics

You can use the small VM/KM as a basis of installing several software systems. As explained in instructions to install software systems , you can add a lot of packages of mathematical software systems generated by the KnoppixMath project to the small VM/KM "lenny-ox".


Please visit http://www.math.kobe-u.ac.jp/vmkm on the latest news on the small VM/KM's.