Volume 38 (1995)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Idogawa, T. and Otani, M.;
The First Eigenvalues of Some Abstract Elliptic Operators
pp. 1--9.
Yokoyama, T.;
On an Irreducibility Condition for Hypergeometric Systems
pp. 11--19.
Uryu, H.;
The Local Uniqueness of Some Characteristic Cauchy Problems for the First Order Systems
pp. 21--36.
Saito, M.;
Contiguity Relations for the Lauricella Functions
pp. 37--58.
Ntouyas, S. K. and Tsamatos, P. Ch.;
Existence and Uniqueness for Second Order Boundary Value Problems
pp. 59--69.
Omari, P. and Ye, W.;
Periodic Solutions of a Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation with an Effective Damping
pp. 71--80.
Favini, A. and Yagi, A.;
Abstract Second Order Differential Equations with Applications
pp. 81--99.
Ishii, H.;
On the Equivalence of Two Notions of Weak Solutions, Viscosity Solutions and Distribution Solutions
pp. 101--120.
Saeki, A.;
Foliations on Complex Spaces
pp. 121--157.
D'Ancona, P.;
On Weakly Hyperbolic Equations in Hilbert Spaces
pp. 159--177.
Kabeya, Y. and Yu, X. T.;
Existence of Oscillatory Solutions to $\Delta u+K(|x|)|u|^{4/(n-2)}u=0$ in $R^n$
pp. 179--196.

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