Volume 38 (1995)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Miyata, S. and Yanagida, E.;
Stable Stationary Solutions with Multiple Layers in a Scalar Parabolic Equation with Variable Diffusion
pp. 367--380.
Gerard, R., Lutz, D. and Schafke, R.;
Analytic Reduction of Some Nonlinear Difference Equations
pp. 381--410.
Mimachi, K.;
An Integral Representation of the Solution of a Fourth Order Fuchsian Differential Equation of Okubo Type
pp. 411--416.
Nakao, M. and Ono, K.;
Global Existence to the Cauchy Problem of the Semilinear Wave Equation with a Nonlinear Dissipation
pp. 417--431.
Ishizaki, K. and Yanagihara, N.;
On Admissible Solutions of Algebraic Differential Equations
pp. 433--442.
Iwano, M.;
New Study on the Convergence of a Formal Transformation
pp. 443--472.
Colli, P. and Favini, A.;
On Some Degenerate Second Order Equations of Mixed Type
pp. 473--489.
Milani, A. and Shibata, Y.;
On the Strong Well-Posedness of Quasilinear Hyperbolic Initial-Boundary Value Problems
pp. 491--503.
Kato, S.;
Almost Periodic Solutions of Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Delays
pp. 505--517.
Yamaguchi, M.;
Existence of Periodic Solutions of Second Order Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Applications
pp. 519--538.
Ebihara, Y., Kawashima, S. and Levine, H. A.;
On Solutions to $u_{tt}-|x|^\alpha\Delta u=f(u)$ ($\alpha>0$)
pp. 539--544.
Dan, W. and Shibata, Y.;
On a Local Energy Decay of Solutions of a Dissipative Wave Equation
pp. 545--568.

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