Volume 38 (1995)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Nagase, H.;
Remarks on Nonlinear Evolutionary Variational Inequalities with an Abstract Volterra Operator
pp. 197--215.
Ozawa, T.;
Remarks on Quadratic Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
pp. 217--232.
Allegretto, W. and Huang, Y. X.;
Eigenvalues of the Indefinite-Weight $p$-Laplacian in Weighted Spaces
pp. 233--242.
Kato, M.;
Connection Formulas for Appell's System $F_4$ and Some Applications
pp. 243--266.
Park, J-Y. and Jeong, J-M.;
Supplement to the paper "Retarded Functional Differential Equations with $L^1$-Valued Controller"
pp. 267--275.
Nishioka, K.;
Linear Differential Equation Attached to Painleve's First Equation
pp. 277--282.
Makay, G.;
Uniform Boundedness and Uniform Ultimate Boundedness for Functional Differential Equations
pp. 283--296.
Ishii, K.;
Viscosity Solutions of Nonlinear Second Order PDEs Associated with Impulse Control Problems II
pp. 297--328.
Miyake, M. and Yoshino, M.;
Toeplitz Operators and an Index Theorem for Differential Operators on Gevrey Spaces
pp. 329--342.
Hidano, K.;
Global Behavior of Radial Solutions to Semilinear Wave Equations in Three Space Dimensions
pp. 343--366.

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