Volume 40 (1997)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Murakami, S.;
Periodic Solutions of Some Functional Differential Equations with Diffusion
pp. 1--17.
Inoue, H. and Otani, M.;
Periodic Problems for Heat Convection Equations in Noncylindrical Domains
pp. 19--39.
Naito, M., Naito, Y. and Usami, H.;
Oscillation Theory for Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Arbitrary Nonlinearities
pp. 41--55.
Shimizu, S.;
Scattering Theory for Elastic Wave Propagation Problems in Pertubed Stratified Media $R^3$
pp. 57--77.
Kobayashi, K. and Tsuruta, K.;
Uniform Boundedness and Uniform Asymptotic Stability in Functional Differential Equations with Constant Delay
pp. 79--92.
Nagabuchi, Y., Ohnaka, K. and Yagi, A.;
Global Stability of Economic Growth Model with the Labor Mobility
pp. 93--121.
Yamamoto, Y.;
Characterization of Certain Intermediate Spaces Related to Functionals of Brezis and Fraenkel
pp. 123--138.
Noumi, M and Okamoto, K.;
Irreducibility of the Second and the Fourth Painleve Equations
pp. 139--163.

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