Volume 40 (1997)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Korman, P.;
Steady States and Long Time Behavior of Some Convective Reaction-Diffusion Equations
pp. 165--183.
Thai Son, N. D., Liem, N. D. and Van, T. D.;
Minimax Solutions for Monotone Systems of First-Order Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Time-Measurable Hamiltonians
pp. 185--214.
Kojo, T. and Tsutsumi, M.;
Cauchy Problem for Some Degenerate Abstract Differential Equations of Sobolev Type
pp. 215--226.
Taira, K.;
Oscillation of Delay Parabolic Boundary Value Problems
pp. 227--233.
Kato, Y.;
Free Boundary Problems for the Heat Equation and Application to a Bingham Flow
pp. 235--253.
Ono, K.;
Global Existence and Decay Properties of Solutions for Some Mildly Degenerate Nonlinear Dissipative Kirchhoff Strings
pp. 255--270.
Shioda, T. and Takano, K.;
On Some Hamiltonian Structures of Painleve Systems, I
pp. 271--291.
Ikehata, R., Matsuyama, T. and Nakao, M.;
Global Solutions to the Initial-Boundary Value Problem for the Quasilinear Visco-Elastic Wave Equation with a Perturbation
pp. 293--312.
Moriyama, K., Tonegawa, S. and Tsutsumi, Y.;
Almost Global Existence of Solutions for the Quadratic Semilinear Klein-Gordon Equation in One Space Dimension
pp. 313--333.

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