Volume 40 (1997)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Zhang, B.;
Asymptotic Stability Criteria and Integrability Properties of the Resolvent of Volterra and Functional Equations
pp. 335--351.
Bisognin, E., Bisognin, V. and Menzala, G. P.;
Asymptotic Behavior in Time of the Solutions of a Coupled System of KdV Equations
pp. 353--370.
Li, W.-T. and Cheng, S. S.;
Classifications and Existence of Positive Solutions of Second Order Nonlinear Neutral Difference Equations
pp. 371--393.
Allegretto, W. and Barabanova, A.;
Existence of Positive Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Nonlocal Terms
pp. 395--409.
Nagai, T., Senba, T. and Yoshida, K.;
Application of the Trudinger-Moser Inequality to a Parabolic System of Chemotaxis
pp. 411--433.
Haraoka, Y.;
Monodromy of an Okubo System with Non-Semisimple Exponents
pp. 435--457.
Fujiwara, D., Kumano-go, N. and Taniguchi, K.;
A Proof of Estimates of Kumano-go-Taniguchi Type for Multiproduct of Fourier Integral Operators
pp. 459--470.
Miyazaki, R.;
Characteristic Equation and Asymptotic Behavior of Delay-Differential Equation
pp. 471--481.
Ito, A. and Kenmochi, N.;
Errata to "Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to Phase Field Models with Constraints" in Volumo 39
pp. 483--484.

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