About VMware/knoppix/math 2008

Who uses it?

Installing and Starting VMware/knoppix/math (Intel Mac)

The same virtual machine is used both for Windows and Mac. We explain mainly the case of Mac.
  1. If the CPU of your Mac is PPC, it does not work. Intel Mac is necessary. In order to check the CPU type, use the "about this mac" menu in the apple menu. If you find the word "Intel", then you can use VMware/Knoppix/Math.
  2. Please buy VMware Fusion and install it. You can buy it from http://www.vmware.com.
    If you are a Windows user, please download the VMware player and install it.
  3. Copy the virtual machine zip file "math2008pi.zip" from the zip folder of the DVD to any place in your harddisk and expand the zip file. ( If you copy the math2008pi folder to your harddisk from the DVD, writing to the folder will be prohibited. Consequently, the virtual machine will not work. )
    In case that you do not have the DVD, please down load this zip file (about 40M) and expand it.
  4. Copy the iso image of Knoppix/Math 2008 "knxm2008-kobe.iso" to the same place (place them as the figure below).

    In case that you do not have the DVD, you can obtain only the free version by downloading the iso image from here (it is big! 3.9G) by the right click. Rename this iso file to knxm2008-kobe.iso .
  5. Open the math2008pi folder and double click math2008pi.vmx and start the virtual machine.
  6. If you see the message "This machine is moved or copied", then click the button "copy". Next, you will see a menu to choose the language. In the menu, choose your language with home=scan , and press enter key. (If "home=scan" does not appear for your language, press the tab key to edit the boot menu and add home=scan. If you do not add it, created or edited files will not be saved in your harddisk.)

  7. After starting KDE, set your key board type and layout by the keybord menu (right click the flag at the right bottom) if it is necessary.
If you are a user of parallels, please use the virtual machine math2008pi-parallels.zip Choose the iso image knxm2008-kobe.iso by the CD/DVD menu of parallels when it says that the iso image file is not found.

References for advanced users

  1. 2008vm/README.txt (in Japanese)
  2. diff files (cvs) with knoppix/math 2008 DVD
  3. mailing list of knoppix/math (in Japanese)

Older versions, updates, supports

VMware/Knoppix/Math is provided as it is with no warranty.
However, we would like to help users as far as we can afford our time.
Contact:  vmkm2008@math.kobe-u.ac.jp