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MathLibre on VMware player (Win, Linux), VMware fusion (Intel Mac)


Popular virtual machines

  1. User name of the virtual machines is "user" and the password is "live".
  2. 2019.12.12. A virtual machine of MathLibre 2019 for VMware is here . Please download the iso file from

Virtual machines

When a virtual machine requires an iso image of KNOPPIX/Math or MathLibre DVD, you can find it here to download from our archive or at to download from latest MathLibre collections.
  • Virtual machines for MathLibre 2014 (English). Virtual box version, February 27, 2014: download and mathlibre-debian-amd64-20140227-en.iso (4G) from here or from .
  • August 22, 2010: VMware/Knoppix/Math 2010 (en)
  • August 2, 2010: Small VM/KM 2010 . They are small debian virtual machines. You can install only your favorite math software or legacy software to them and can keep the system size relatively small.
  • 2008: VMware/Knoppix/Math 2008 . The final version of KM with the KDE desktop and a multi-lingual functionalities.

    Installation, Introduction, and FAQ

    3 easy steps to install: (1) Install vmware player (windows) or vmware fusion (Mac) (2) Download an iso file (4G) and a virtual machine (zip, smaller) (3) Expand the virtual machine and start it by vmware.
    The iso file and the virtual machine folder must be in a same folder. (please do not put the iso file in the virtual machine folder.) As to details, please see below or a document attached to each distribution.
    1. FAQ (2011)
    2. VMware/Knoppix/Math 2008 (introduction and downloading) .


    Archives and links

    1. KNOPPIX/Math DVD and iso image download. (http, 2008 -- Current)
    2. KnoppixMath debian package repository (Current, i386)
    3. KnoppixMath debian package repository (Current, amd64)
    4. KnoppixMath documentations (Current)
    5. KnoppixMath debian package repository (2010)
    6. This page in 2010
    7. HOWTO with screenshots (2008)
    8. KNOPPIX/Math CD and iso image download. (ftp, 2006 -- 2007)
    9. This page in 2007
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