publication list

All of my papers can be downloaded from the arXives, except for the following:

  1. Hyperbolic metrics on Riemann surfaces and spacelike CMC-1 surfaces in de Sitter 3-space (with S. Fujimori, Y. Kawakami, M. Kokubu, M. Umehara and K. Yamada).
    To appear in LORGEO proceedings.
  2. Lie geometry of linear Weingarten surfaces (with F. E. Burstall and U. Hertrich-Jeromin).
    Comptes rendus math. 350, 2012, 413-416.
  3. Isothermicity for discrete surfaces in the Euclidean and Minkowski 3-spaces (with Y. Kinoshita).
    OCAMI Studies 3 (2010), 1-13. pdf file
  4. Constant mean curvature surfaces (in Japanese).
    published in "Kashika no gijutsu to gendai kikagaku",editor: Wakayama, publisher: Iwanami shoten, 2010, 93-132. pdf file
  5. "Risanteki na kyokumen" (in Japanese, with T. Kondo).
    Suurikagaku, November 2010, 19-25.
  6. Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces in Euclidean and Minkowski three spaces (with D. Brander, N. Schmitt).
    J. Geom. Symm. Phys. 12 (2008), 15-26. pdf file
  7. Discrete Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces and their Index (with K. Polthier).
    J. Reine. U. Angew. Math. 549 (2002), 47-77. pdf file . Preprint 484 at SFB288 TU-Berlin , Correction of the proof of Lemma 3.2
  8. Discrete minimal and constant mean curvature surfaces (with K. Polthier).
    EG-Models numbered 2000: 05.002, 11.040, 11.041, and 2001: 01.043, 01.044, 01.045, 01.046, 01.047.
  9. Discrete constant mean curvature surfaces and their index, preliminary version (with K. Polthier).
    Surikaiseki kenkyusho kokyuroku 1221 (2001), 58-69. Preliminary version of the first item above.
  10. Computers and Mathematics: Applications of computers to integrable systems methods for constructing constant mean curvature surfaces.
    Sugaku 60(1) (2008), 95-103. Japanese version , English version
  11. Conserved quantities in the theory of discrete surfaces.
    Proceedings of the "Symposium on the differential geometry of submanifolds" (2007), 1-16. pdf file
  12. Discrete constant mean curvature surfaces via conserved quantities in any space form.
    "Progress in Surface Theory", Oberwolfach Report 24 (2007), 26-28. pdf file
  13. Wente Tori and Morse Index.
    An. Acad. Bras. Ci. 71(4-I) (1999), 607-613. Shortened version of my paper "The Morse Index of Wente Tori" in Geom. Dedicata 86 (2001).
  14. New Examples of Minimal Surfaces.
    Research Bulletin of the First MSJ International Research Institute, Tohoku University (1993), 369-377. Shortened version of my paper "Minimal Surfaces in R^3 with Symmetry Group D_n x Z_2" in Tohoku Math J. 47 (1995).
  15. Mean curvature 1 surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space (with M. Umehara and K. Yamada).
    EG-Models numbered 2001: 01.048, 01.049, 01.050.
  16. Constant mean curvature 1 surfaces with low total curvature in hyperbolic 3-space (with M. Umehara, K. Yamada).
    Advanced Studies in Pure Math., Minimal Surfaces, Geometric Analysis and Symplectic Geometry 34 (2002), 245-253. All results here are now available in two other papers with M. Umehara and K. Yamada, in Tohoku Math. J. 2003 and Hiroshima Math. J. 2004.
  17. Techniques for studying CMC 1 surfaces in hyperbolic three-space.
    Tohoku Math. Publ. 20 (2001), 153-162. Shortened version of my paper "Mean curvature one surfaces in hyperbolic space, and their relationship to minimal surfaces in Euclidean space" in J. Geom. Anal. 11 (2001).
  18. Minimal and Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces in R^3 and H^3.
    Topology and Geometry, Proceedings of Workshop in Pure Math., Korean Acad. Council 17(III) (1998), 161-194. pdf file