RIMS Project Research

The international conference

Functions in Number Theory and Their Probabilistic Aspects

December 13(Mon)-17(Fri), 2010
RIMS, Kyoto University
Kyoto, Japan

Aim and Scope

This is the main event of our project. This international conference consists of invited talks presented by eminent specialists, and poster sessions. It is the aim of the conference to activate mutual communications and discussions among researchers who are interested in this field.

organized by

S. Akiyama
K. Fukuyama
K. Matsumoto
H. Nakada
H. Sugita
Y. Takahashi
A. Tamagawa

Program (pdf file)


Speakers and Titles

J.-P. Allouche Inconstancy of finite and infinite sequences [Abstract]
V. Bergelson Ramsey theory in the multiplicative integers and Diophantine approximations [Abstract]
H. Ei On Rauzy fractals generated by some automorphisms [Abstract]
P. D. T. A. Elliott Operator norms and the mean-values of multiplicative functions [Abstract]
H. Furstenberg Diophantine Equations and WM (weakly mixing) Sets [Abstract]
R. Garunkstis Universality of the Selberg zeta-function for the modular group [Abstract]
A. Hora Characters and harmonic functions related to infinite wreath product groups [Abstract]
Y. Ihara An analytic function in 3 complex variables related to the value-distribution of log L, and the "Plancherel volume" [Abstract]
H. Kaneko On the fractional parts of powers of algebraic numbers [Abstract]
J. Lagarias The Takagi function and related functions [Abstract]
A. Laurincikas Universality of the Riemann zeta-function [Abstract]
Y. Lee The universality theorem for Hecke L-functions [Abstract]
E. Lindenstrauss On Linnik type problems [Abstract]
E. Manstavicius Probabilistic number theory on permutations [Abstract]
H. Mishou The joint universal property for derivatives of the Riemann zeta function [Abstract]
H. Nagoshi Independence of L-functions [Abstract]
T. Nakamura The generalized strong recurrence and the Riemann hypothesis [Abstract]
R. Natsui Euclidean algorithm over F q[X] and its cost functions [Abstract]
Y. Okabe Riemann's zeta function and Kummer function [Abstract]
L. Pankowski Hybrid universality for L-functions without the Euler product [Abstract]
T. Shirai Determinantal point processes and the zeros of analytic functions [Abstract]
J. Steuding Discrete moments of the Riemann zeta-function on deterministic and random sequences [Abstract]
Y. Tachiya Linear relations between pattern sequences in a < q,r>-numeration system [Abstract]
Y. Takahashi Unitary matrices and probability [Abstract]
T. Tate Asymptotic Euler-Maclaurin formula over lattice polytopes [Abstract]
R. F. Tichy Recent Developments in Discrepancy Theory [Abstract]
S. Yasutomi Some aspects of a multicontinued fraction algorithm [Abstract]

Poster session

During the conference (held in the Room 420 of RIMS), we will organize a poster session. Posters will be exhibited from Monday to Friday in the Room 110 of RIMS. On the afternoon of each day (except Wednesday) during the conference, a coffee break (30 minutes) will be held in this Room 110. The size of each poster should not be larger than 210 cm (height) times 90 cm (width). The Room 110 will open at 9:00, Monday, and posters are supposed to be brought there by the authors themselves. Applications are closed.

List of Posters

S. Akiyama Spectra of Self-Affine Tiling Dynamics
M. Aoki How many zeros of \zeta^{(k)}(s) are there in \{\frac{1}{2}<\sigma,0<t<T\} ?
T. Aoyama and
T. Nakamura
Multidimensional infinitely divisible zeta distributions
T. K. Duy Limit-periodic Arithmetical Functions and the Ring of Finite Integral Adeles
K. Fukuyama Metric Discrepancy Results for Lacunary Sequences
A. Ito On the divisibility of class numbers of imaginary quadratic fields whose discriminant has only two odd prime factors
D. Kwon Ordered orbits of the \beta-transformations, and a devil's slope
R. Macaitiene The discrete universality of the periodic Hurwitz zeta function.
S. Matsumoto Unitary matrix integrals and enumerations of permutations
T. Murayama The behavior of the limit distribution in Bohr-Jessen's limit theorem as \sigma \searrow \frac{1}{2}
K. Nakaishi Pisot conjecture and Rauzy fractals
K. Suzuki Partial Epstein zeta functions on linear binary codes and its functional equations
M. Suzuki An equivalence condition for the Riemann hypothesis.
N. Terai On the generalized Ramanujan-Nagell equations
R. Tomiyasu On the distribution of vanishing Fourier coefficients of average theta series in the Conway topograph and its application to crystallography.
N. Ushiroya Multiplicative functions of several variables and mean value theorems


To attend the conference, no pre-registration is required, and there is no registration fee.


We will organize a formal banquet of the conference on the evening of Tuesday, at the cafe-restaurant Camphora in the campus of Kyoto University. The banquet fee is 2000 yen and the participants will be asked to pay it at the banquet place. Applications are closed.


Bus trip to several world heritages: Kinkakuji, Ryoanji and Ninnaji starting 12:30 Wednesday at RIMS entrance, ending around 17:00. We are planning to have Japanese tea service on the way. The fee is (apporx.) 3000JPY, which includes a lunch box and English guide. Willing participants may enjoy evening walk in lighted-up Arashiyama district after the trip. In this case, those participants have to enjoy the way back to the residence by themselves, according to an instruction map. Applications are closed.


We have a plan of publishing the Proceedings of the conference as a volume of RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu series. This is an official publication from RIMS, and all the submitted papers will be strictly refereed. The details will be informed later.

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