The proceedings of Workshop on Elliptic Integrable Systems

November 8-11, 2004, Kyoto

Organized by Masatoshi Noumi and Kanehisa Takasaki

[program of the workshop]

zipped file of whole proceedings


  1. George Gasper and Michael Schlosser:
    Summation, transformation, and expansion formulas for multibasic theta hypergeometric series
    (pp. 1-17 pdf)

  2. Masahiko Ito:
    $q$-Difference shift for van Diejen's $BC_n$ type Jackson integral arising from 'elementary' symmetric polynomials
    (pp. 19-42 pdf)

  3. K.Kajiwara, T.Masuda, M.Noumi, Y.Ohta and Y.Yamada:
    A geometric description of the elliptic Painlev\'e equation
    (pp. 43-48, pdf, nb)

  4. Yasushi Komori:
    Elliptic Ruijsenaars operators and elliptic hypergeometric integrals
    (pp. 49-56 pdf)

  5. Hitoshi Konno:
    Generalized elliptic 6j-symbols in terms of the vertex-face intertwining vectors
    (pp. 57-69 pdf)

  6. Alyona Korovnichenko and Alexei Zhedanov:
    Classical Leonard triples
    (pp. 71-84 pdf)

  7. Satoru Odake and Ryu Sasaki:
    Equilibrium positions and eigenfunctions of shape invariant ('discrete') quantum mechanics
    (pp. 85-110 pdf)

  8. A. Odesskii and V. Rubtsov:
    Integrable systems associated with elliptic algebras
    (pp. 111-132 pdf)

  9. Soichi Okada:
    Generalizations of Cauchy's Determinant Identity and Schur's Pfaffian Identity
    (pp. 133-148 pdf)

  10. M.A. Olshanetsky and A.V. Zotov:
    Isomonodromic problems on elliptic curve, rigid tops and reflection equations
    (pp. 149-171 pdf)

  11. Yas-Hiro Quano:
    Form factors and vertex operators in the XYZ antiferromagnet
    (pp. 173-182 pdf)

  12. Eric M. Rains:
    Recurrences for elliptic hypergeometric integrals
    (pp. 183-199 pdf)

  13. Simon N.M. Ruijsenaars (Notes by Y. Komori):
    Elliptic integrable systems of Calogero-Moser type: A survey
    (pp. 201-221 pdf)

  14. Simon N.M. Ruijsenaars:
    Elliptic integrable systems of Calogero-Moser type: Some new results on joint eigenfunctions
    (pp. 223-240 pdf)

  15. Hjalmar Rosengren:
    An elliptic determinant transformation
    (pp. 241-246 pdf)

  16. Yuji Shimizu:
    On deformation of elliptic quantum planes
    (pp. 247-252 pdf)

  17. V.P. Spiridonov:
    Classical elliptic hypergeometric functions and their applications
    (pp. 253-287 pdf)

  18. Kanehisa Takasaki:
    Tyurin parameters of commuting pairs and infinite dimensional Grassmann manifold
    (pp. 289-304 pdf)

  19. Kouichi Takemura:
    Heun equation and Painlev\'e equation
    (pp. 305-322 pdf)

  20. A.S. Zhedanov:
    Pad\'e interpolation table and biorthogonal rational functions
    (pp. 323-363 pdf)